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Welcome to exedee

We are a successful Kiwi tech company founded by CEO Desi Lorand in 2007 as Power Business Services, later also expanding into Australia in 2014 as eCloud Business Services.

From day one, the company has only ever delivered its services via the cloud – highly unusual back in 2007, making us visionary and an early pioneer in providing cloud-based business automation services.

Reflecting our success, we recently re-branded to exedee. The purpose behind our re-brand was to enable our global growth trajectory via a more unified and contemporary ‘tech’ brand to take us forward.

At exedee we are driven by the power of “e”. We put our energy and expertise into enabling your business to handle process automation and digitalisation with ease.

Our expertise in handling the exchange of electronic documents and data between computer systems – and the extraction of relevant data, delivers exact, effective and effortless business processing eSolutions.

Robotics (“bots”) are a rapidly emerging trend used for business process automation. Our exedee eSolutions are like a ‘super bot’ – controlling everything from a central ‘brain’. This makes them much easier and more effortless to maintain than other providers who offer multiple, individual simple small bots to perform a single business function.

The exedee team are experts in the design of software solutions configured to fit your business requirements exactly. This includes handling extremely complex business processing problems and eliminating the need for manual processing. Our exedee eSolutions can help your organisation make better use of your staff and information resources, enabling them to become paper-independent, and freeing them up to do valuable work for you, that is more enjoyable and exciting for them.

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Exedee eSolutions

Our exedee service suite has been designed to allow easy and effortless business automation, based on our years of experience with both local and central government, and all types of businesses. Our software eSolutions are configured to fit your business requirements exactly.

We take the effort out of managing digitalisation projects, with our document scanning software, data extraction and image hosting services.

We offer a range of automated mail processing services, including our highly efficient inbound email automation.

eConnect is our data bridge service between computer systems, allowing one computer system to talk to another.

A sophisticated, end-to-end accounts payable processing solution – with scanning, data extraction, purchase order matching and workflow approval all in one.

Our eGovernment service encompasses all of our existing services for local, central and state Government organisations.

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eSolutions for...

Make your business process more efficient and exact

  • Are process inefficiencies and data inaccuracies weighing your team down and causing errors?
  • Do you currently achieve data extraction accuracy of over 99%?
  • Are you under pressure to improve outcomes while reducing costs and processing time?
  • Are you looking for an easy, effective and proven solution?

Get the exact business process automation eSolution for your needs, with a team of dedicated experts supporting you. Talk to our exedee team today!

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What’s your challenge?
Let the exedee experts solve it.

Get the very best, effective automation eSolutions for your organisation, with the experienced team of exedee experts working to understand and solve your business challenges.

Make it easy on your team with seamless and effortless integration into each of your existing computer systems – without the need to manually enter data from one computer system into another computer system.

Our eSolutions vary from receipt and data extraction of electronic documents and files, to a fully automated digital data exchange service – all with exact and effortless integration to your existing core business and computer systems.