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Meet our Senior Leadership Team, their experience and credentials are provided below.

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Desi Lorand

Chief Executive, Director, Founder And Lead Software Designer

Desi is the founder and lead software designer for exedee. She has a huge depth of knowledge and experience around the design of high quality digitisation projects that deliver metadata with 99%+ accuracy. Her background has been a career spent in IT services, that specialised in records processing and management.

Desi founded the company as Power Business Services in 2007. She made the decision to start the company as a SaaS only services company which was visionary 14 years ago. Desi has previously worked for IBM (twice), 2 x IBM business partners and Fuji Xerox. She sits on the board of exedee, and also another IT company that specialises in Artificial Intelligence, that exedee owns shares in. 

Because of the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience, Desi is frequently asked to speak at State, Federal and Local Government conferences on the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into Local Government operations and digitisation processes. She is also frequently asked to present at conferences and to Records Management and Accountancy special interest groups.

Desi regularly works onsite with our customers to assist them with the resolution of their broader information and records-related and business processing issues (both paper and electronic).


Bob Hill


Bob is a Chartered Accountant and a Director of the company.

Bob manages the company’s financial work. He leads our financial services implementation team and has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing the automated processing of financial transactions in our eFinance service.

He has been a key contributor to the company’s specification and testing methodology and its subsequent refinements.


Narendra Jasmat

Digitisation Services Manager

In addition to having more than 20 years of experience in the imaging industry. Narendra has extensive experience in Contract, Administration and Quality Assurance design and management in a wide variety of Council & Central Government file scanning projects.

Narendra has designed and managed multiple projects associated with the production and digitisation of Local Government records in both paper and microfilm formats.

Narendra provides a wealth of knowledge around file preparation, scanning and metadata capture for both paper and microfilm records. He is a “hands on” senior manager who also consults to our customers and designs and assesses digitisation processes and procedures regularly to ensure quality standards and processing targets are consistently met.

He ensures that regular reports to customers are provided – on milestones achieved, project KPI’s, budget vs actual, risk management and ensures all contractual obligations are met.

Narendra keeps in regular contact with each customer at both management and user levels for feedback to discuss procedural changes or improvements.


Brittany Aker

Manager Of Implementation And Operations

As the Manager of Implementation and Operations, Brittany Aker has an in-depth knowledge of all of exedee software and its functionality. Brittany joined us after working for one of our customers and being a user of exedee software.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, which are generally unique, Brittany knows how to design the software configuration containing the best functionality to meet the customer’s needs.

She undertakes a significant amount of project scoping for our customers to provide them with accurate time estimates for the enhancements they have requested to their systems.

After 8 years as part of the Implementation Team, with 3 years as the manager of the team, experience has honed Brittany’s skills and product knowledge that our customers can bank on.


Basir Noutash

Chief Technology Officer

Basir Noutash is the Technical Solution Lead at exedee. He has been with the company for almost 10 years, leading the design and development of our most successful software in the market. He leads a team of 5 highly skilled technical engineers. They are also supported by an additional team of 6 help desk support and customer system testing staff.

Basir particularly enjoys taking up difficult business challenges and opportunities to create elegant, innovative software solutions that are efficient to use and that improve the business processes in a measurable way.

Basir and his technical team understand both technical and business aspects and he enjoys nurturing people and teams that are self-sufficient, who work together with shared values towards a strategy that focuses on bringing value as well as growth and innovation.

Basir comes from a technical background with natural leadership and management skills. Basir previously worked internationally with organisations such as World Vision, United Nations and USAID architecting large software and hardware solutions.


Sigrun Grice

Chief Marketing Officer

Sigrun has taken on the role of Chief Marketing Officer for exedee, following her success with the recent development and implementation of the new exedee brand.

Sigrun’s extensive background in brand development, advertising and marketing includes the majority ownership of one of NZ’s largest independent full-service advertising agencies for 34 years. Having sold down from her agency in 2021, she became available to lead our brand development project – and being so impressed with her strategic vision and robust process for this, we recently asked her to join our Senior Leadership Team.

Having owned her own successful business – and working extensively for many years with both Government and private sector clients – Sigrun brings to the table a wide range of skills and competencies to assist the exedee growth trajectory. We are delighted to have her on the team and look forward to Sigrun guiding us on our exedee marketing journey.


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