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About exedee

Founded in 2007 as Power Business Services, we recently re-branded as exedee to better reflect our cutting-edge software technology and commitment to growth and innovation.

We are a business automation company that solves your process automation and digitalisation challenges with fast, accurate, easy, secure and seamless eSolutions. Exedee are market leaders in providing expert, intelligent business automation and processing services.

The exedee purpose and vision is to reduce the operational/time inefficiencies and high costs incurred in the manual handling and processing of information and documents. All our eSolutions are cloud-based and have been since our inception.

You can benefit from:

  • Excellence – software with the very best features
  • Expertise – the support of a highly experienced team
  • Exactness – accurate eSolutions that are 100% tailored to your requirements

How exedee works with you

When it comes to choosing a business automation and digitisation partner, the process is just as important as the solution.

When you partner with exedee we put our effort into understanding your current pain points, processes, vision for the future, barriers to success, work environment, your team – and much more. Good planning prevents poor performance – so we never rush the early stages of the process.

We will ask the important questions:

  • How ready is your business for automation and digitisation?
  • What does success look like for you?
  • Can your staff access job-critical business information in a digital format?

Our change management experts and process specialists will then work closely with you to:

  • Scope the project effectively and define specifications
  • Identify requirements, enablers and barriers of project success
  • Conduct a digitisation and automation readiness assessment
exedee works with you

Enjoy complete faith in your exedee eSolution

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Invest in a mature system that is proven and trusted by leading businesses and government organisations.

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Solve the majority of challenges with an ‘out of the box’ eSolution – while also having the ability to customise to your specific needs.

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Set new business rules as needed, with an intuitive system that has the ability to ‘learn as it goes’ and apply them.

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Get full visibility of project tracking – you can see what is digitised at any point of time in the project.