Exact, automated accounts payable processing

OASIS is our sophisticated, end-to-end accounts payable processing solution – with scanning, data extraction, purchase order matching and workflow approval all in one.

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Exedee eFinance

Using our OASIS software, approved invoices are exported directly into your accounts payable system. You get all the checks and balances you need for accurate and secure invoice processing.

Flexible enough to work in the most demanding environments, with market-leading accuracy and a highly configurable approval process that adapts to your business requirements.

We’ll extract data accurately from your invoices – and effectively automate over 95% of your accounts payable processes.

Key features:

  • Extracted invoice data delivers 99% accuracy
  • Easy and quick to implement and deploy
  • Eliminates manual handling and distribution of invoices for approval
  • Effectively reduces processing time by around 80%

Key problems solved

  • Efficiency and improved productivity of your accounts team
  • Easy, fast way to manage complex validation and approval processes
  • Eliminates discrepancies between matching PO’s and invoices
  • Ensures cost-savings in invoice processing and confidence in your financial data
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Exedee PePPol / eInvoicing

Government agencies and all types of business are being mandated to adopt PePPol eInvoicing capability as soon as possible. PePPol is the exchange of raw electronic data that would originally have been laid out in an invoice template.

The move to eInvoicing will be beneficial for everyone – it improves accuracy and security, reduces processing time and speeds up payments.

Our PEPPOL international certification means we can connect electronically with your existing financial system to provide a quick and easily implemented solution for eInvoicing.

Key features:

  • Enabled by our PEPPOL International Certification· Easy, fast connection to your accounts payable system
  • Efficiency, accuracy and productivity are improved
  • Expert software is configured for each client.

PePPol is an efficient way of exchanging invoice data, but the review and authorisation of the invoices still needs to be actioned. In many cases, the PePPol invoice data also needs to be matched to purchase order lines.

This is where Exedee can help you

Exedee is an Accredited Access Point for e-invoices (and other electronic transaction types), in New Zealand and Australia, having undergone a rigorous, months-long technical evaluation and testing process, with both MBIE in NZ and the Australian Tax Office in Australia. We have been an Accredited PePPol Access point for over 2 years.

Added Value PePPol Services offered by Exedee

As well as being able to provide the basic send and receive capability for eInvoicing-formatted data, Exedee has 16 years of proven experience in providing data transfer and data screening, matching and checking services for PePPol invoices through its OASIS eSolution (see more information under eFinance in our services section).

As an enhancement to the base PePPol data transfer functions, OASIS provides useful additional functionality to enable the e-invoice raw data to be presented in a convenient invoice template – making it a format that is easy for users to view and understand the invoice data when approving the invoice. The template can then be saved as a pdf file to enable future viewing when stored in the invoice archive.

In addition, our eFinance service can provide powerful workflow approval functionality for each separate invoice line, or data matching to purchase order plus goods receipting data, again at a PO line to invoice line matching level.

eFinance verifies that the supplier who is sending the invoice is a current supplier and is also set up in your financial accounting system.

Our service also reformats the PePPol data into the format that each accounting system requires, if your accounting system cannot directly accept invoice data in PePPol format.

OASIS can also optionally save a copy of each invoice pdf electronically into the organisation’s document management system.

….So when you are considering who to use as your PEPPOL access point provider, we can provide significant added value through our proven and accurate eFinance OASIS service.

Talk to us about setting up an e-Invoicing test/pilot, and you can be up and running easily and fast! We’ll make your move to e-Invoicing easy, effortless and eCompliant.

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