Our eGovernment service covers business automation for

Local, central and state Government organisations.
exeed software solutions for business automation services serving all business needs in new zealand and australia e government

Exedee eGovernment

Our eGovernment service encompasses all of our existing services for local, central and state Government organisations.

The new service incorporates our NOVA, oMail and OASIS AP services for Government, as well as our new eConnect service.

Our many years experience working with Government organisations will ensure our dedicated team of experts are working in your best interests to get effective business process automation and digitalisation solutions for you

Looking for other eSolutions?

Our exedee service suite has been designed to allow easy and effortless business automation, based on our years of experience with both local and central government, and all types of businesses. Our software eSolutions are configured to fit your business requirements exactly.

exedee e archiver

We take the effort out of managing digitalisation projects, with our document scanning, data extraction and image hosting services.

exedee e comm

We offer a range of automated mail processing services including oMail, our highly efficient inbound email automation and management system.

exedee e connect

eConnect is our data bridge service between computer systems, allowing one computer system to talk to another.

exedee e finance

A sophisticated, end-to-end accounts payable processing solution – with scanning, data extraction, purchase order matching and workflow approval all in one.

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