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exedee is a unique and entrepreneurial Kiwi tech business that started out as Power Business Services in 2007, with an active  Australian subsidiary formed in 2014 named eCloud. The company recently re-branded as exedee, giving us a single, unified brand that will enable future growth.

Founded by Desi Lorand in 2007 as an internet-delivered Software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, our mission is to consistently provide highly accurate data sourced from emails, data files and a variety of back-end computer systems, presented in an integrated, effortless and easy-to-use fashion.

Our growing suite of exclusive software eSolutions enables a range of highly automated and business-critical information processing and data management capabilities. Our eSolutions are intelligent business information processing services using could-based software over HCL Domino and Java Sprint platforms. While we focus on providing cutting-edge eSolutions to the public sector, we also serve many leading commercial enterprises.

We are now on an exciting global growth trajectory – bringing in the best talent is critical to this journey.

We are looking for an HCL Domino Developer to join our team of experts, with strong skills in building and maintaining both Classic web Domino apps as well as xPages.

This job is for remote work – however if you are located in either Melbourne or Auckland you are welcome to work from our offices.

Responsibilities include:

  • Design software, develop programming code and software modification in HCL Domino consistent with the existing application design. Our preferred methods are xPages, Java and Lotusscript as the last option.
  • Maintain, make changes and develop existing applications that are built on Classic Domino Web Development.
  • Write concise and practical documentation using comments in code.
  • Understand requirements and clarify any assumptions and produce accurate results that match the intended requirements.
  • Develop integrated solutions that communicate and interact with external systems using web-services, SOAP, REST and flat file exchanges through SFTP.
  • Estimate projects accurately and communicate any risks in delays early before proceeding.
The position reports to the Chief Technology Officer.

You can demonstrate:

  • Adequate experience in HCL Domino classic web development, xPages, SSJS, Java, Lotusscript, HTML, CSS and Javascript and jQuery
  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible with work in a constantly changing environment and on multiple consecutive projects
  • Strong attention to detail and can interpret and clarify specifications to understand requirements accurately
  • Strong problem-solving skills

You will possess the following qualities:

  • The ability to manage your time independently and as part of a team remotely.
    The ability to learn new technologies quickly and efficiently, and keep up with industry trends.
    You commit and take pride in the quality and effectiveness of your work.
    The ability to work in a fast-paced environment on multiple projects at a time
    Adaptable to adjust to new ways of work and conform to changing standards and policies
    Be enthusiastic about joining a team of experts who are focused on providing effective eSolutions to our clients.

Want to know more about this exciting opportunity?

Please forward your CV and cover letter to:
Basir Noutash
Chief Technology Officer, Exedee Group
Email: basir.noutash@exedee.co.nz

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