Exedee 2024 Diamond Sponsorship of RIMPA Global

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Exedee is excited to announce our top-tier 2024 Diamond sponsorship of RIMPA Global – the Records & Information Management Practitioners Alliance.

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In announcing this significant sponsorship, CEO of Exedee Desi Lorand says… “Exedee was founded on our passionate recognition of the value and importance of every organisation’s information – and how it contributes significantly to the effective and efficient running of the organisation. This passion has led us to enthusiastically commit as the RIMPA Global 2024 Diamond Sponsor”.

Exedee’s track record includes achieving a market-leading 99% accuracy in data extraction and digitisation processes. Through this RIMPA Diamond sponsorship, we will ensure that this accuracy, and Exedee’s deep experience in integrating the powers of Artificial Intelligence into our innovative, automated business processing and Information Management software, will provide many benefits to RIMPA members, in the dynamic and ever-emerging records and information landscape.

We have plans to engage with RIMPA members in a number of ways – you can view our introductory video here:

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