Understanding Business Automation & Transformation

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You often hear the words “Digitisation” and “Digitalisation” used in the same context – but is this correct? What do they actually mean? Although it might only be a subtle difference in meaning between the two words – it needs to be understood!


The process of converting information from a physical (paper) format into a digital one.
A working example: Jason scans a signed contract, and saves the scan as a PDF to his desktop or C drive.


The process of using digitisation to improve general business processes.
A working example: Belinda also scans a signed contract, and saves the scan as a PDF, then uploads the PDF to the cloud so that she can access the contract anytime and anywhere.

So in short, digitisation is the first act that may then enable digitalisation to take place – which in turn improves business automation processes to a greater degree.

Digital Transformation

This often appears alongside the words digitisation and digitalisation – effectively this can be considered the impact caused by the process of digitalisation. So if you looked at them in logical order, a flow chart would look like this:

digital transformation

So, to recap:

  • Digitisation is the process of converting information from a physical format to a digital one
  • Digitalisation is when this process is leveraged to improve business automation/processes
  • Digital transformation is the result of these processes.

exedee are Experts in Digitalising Your Business

Our exedee team of experts ensure our exclusive software automates our customers’ business processes and enables their digital transformation with ease.

The internet has lowered barriers to entry – which means competition is fierce, it can come from anyone, anywhere in the world. These days all businesses face the danger of being left behind by competitors who are using more innovative and more disruptive digital technology.

At exedee, we have seen first-hand that “off-the-shelf’ software does not necessarily address individual business challenges or issues. Most organisations and businesses see the need to leverage digital technologies to improve their business processes – and for many, the best way to do this is with custom software development.

The more processes your business chooses to digitise, the more efficient and effective the business will become. Our range of exedee eSolutions on offer makes it easy and effortless for your business to embrace digital transformation.

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